Land a great catch!  Have fun fishing, clamming and crabbing on Oregon’s Adventure Coast.

Sport fishing, clamming and crabbing are popular outdoor recreational activities and Oregon’s Adventure Coast provides outstanding opportunities to land a great catch just about anytime. 

Ocean Fishing

Fishermen can venture offshore for salmon, halibut, Albacore tuna and a variety of bottomfish – from lingcod, to rockfish, to flatfish.  Charter boat operators can help plan half-day and full-day trips for any size group.  And trailer boaters with the right gear and open-water experience can head out to sea or fish Coos Bay from a variety of convenient launch ramps and bay area marinas. 

Most Pacific salmon fishing occurs April through November, and sport seasons are regulated for Coho and Chinook salmon by state and federal agencies.  Check with the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife (ODF&W).  And also check with tackle and bait shops for local information about specific seasons, catch limits and conditions. 

Pacific halibut is a spring and early summer fishery, while Albacore tuna tend to be offshore from mid summer through early fall.  Bottomfish are available year around – weather permitting – and a charter trip usually ends with an ice chest full of fish.  Check the ODF&W website for bottomfish catch limits. 

Beach, Bay and River Fishing

Oregon’s Bay Area also offers several unique fisheries; surf fishing from local beaches for striped bass and surf perch and in-bay fishing for white sturgeon.  The best information about these fishing opportunities is available from local tackle shops.  

River and stream fishing are also popular pursuits.  Early summer and late fall salmon runs offer the best chances for a great catch and hearty sportsmen will enjoy the challenges of winter steelhead fishing.  Local guides always know those special spots where the “big ones” are hiding and what gear to use. 

Lakes in the Adventure Coast region offer great family angling for bass and trout, and can be fished from the shore or from small boats. 

Let's go clamming and crabbing

Throughout the year low tides provide access to another bountiful resource; clams.  A clam-digging adventure on the tidelands of Coos Bay can result in a tasty treat whether served in chowder, steamed or fried.  The most common varieties found around the bay include gaper, cockle, littleneck, softshell and butter.  Check with the ODF&W website for the most current shellfish regulations and harvest notices. 

And finally, no trip to the Adventure Coast is complete without Dungeness crab, and the best crab are always the ones you bring up yourself from the waters of lower Coos Bay.  Rent or buy a crab ring and try your luck; the payoff will be a fresh crab feast you’ll always remember.  And you’ll keep coming back for more.  Rental crab rings are available at many RV parks and other lodging facilities, and tackle and marine supply stores often rent and sell rings.